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What are Aeroponic Pods

Aeroponics is the process of growing plants in a mist environment without the use of soil or any harmful chemicals. Aeroponics utilizes air, water soluble nutrients, and light to grow vegetables, herbs, and a variety of fruits. AERO Development Corp manufactures aeroponic systems for residential and commercial applications. Their Aeroponic pods are vertical towers containing grow cups staggered on the sides of the columns or panels. The grow cups house the plants in a bed of rockwool that allows the roots to grow unencumbered down the center of the column. The nutrients in the water are those that are also found naturally in healthy soil. The AERO grow systems recycle the nutrients from a reservoir tank, conserving water, while giving the plants the needed nutrients on intermittent cycles.

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If you would like additional information on the benefits of using Aeroponic Farming, begin by contacting Tracey Westbrook with Atlantic Beach Urban Farms and together we will share our passion and support your efforts every step of the the way.

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