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Atlantic Beach Urban Farms

Atlantic Beach Urban Farms is a commercial aeroponic farm located in Atlantic Beach, Florida. Their passion is sustainability, the health of people and the planet, and providing local/nutrient dense/delicious food. They grow everything indoors vertically using aeroponic technology in a climate-controlled greenhouse. By utilizing Tower Garden and Aero Pod growing systems, they can produce thousands of pounds of the most desirable fresh greens ready to be delivered to their customers 365 days a year.

Meaningfully, their Vertical Urban Farm has less of an impact on the environment than traditional farming, using 90% less land and 90% less water. And with their local distribution system to get greens to restaurants, they reduce energy used, travel time and their carbon footprint.

Atlantic Beach Urban Farms sells Aero Pods to organizations who would like to grow their own food. The Aero Pods can be located on parking lots or in restaurants, schools, universities, cafeterias and even indoor spaces utilizing grow lights - just about anywhere you can envision a farm with a level surface and access to one single electrical outlet.

If you are interested in incorporating urban farming into your own program, their team would welcome the opportunity to discuss how Atlantic Beach Urban Farms can meet your individual or organizational needs.

Atlantic Beach Urban Farms
1175 Atlantic Boulevard
Jacksonville, FL 32233
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Aero Development Corp

Sam Stoltzfus and Frank Fendler, co-owners of Aero Development Corp, share a vision for the next generation of growing. In 2009, Sam began this venture towards cleaner agriculture that could be carried beyond the fields, onto the rooftops, and into the homes of people all over the world.

Aeroponic growing is essentially hydroponic growing that mists the plant roots with nutrient-rich water instead of submerging the roots in the nutrient water. AERO growing systems takes this sustainable technology even further by utilizing vertical space and maximizing produce per square foot. The onsite greenhouse at Sunset View Growers is a laboratory to design and test systems that grow food commercially.

The Aero Pod is a unique, one-of-a-kind, commercial system developed to implement big savings of time and money along with an accelerated volume in production. Ultimately, a square vertical column that maximizes the number of growing spots per column thereby growing in both cubic feet and square feet furthering AERO's reputation for a constant commitment to innovation.

If you would like additional information on the benefits of using Aeroponic Farming, begin by contacting Tracey Westbrook with Atlantic Beach Urban Farms and together we will share our passion and support your efforts every step of the the way.