The Academy

Berea-Albion Football Academy

Situated in a rural area 35 miles from Pretoria, Berea-Albion Football Development academy aims to give children the opportunity to learn and develop skills that will benefit them both on and off the playing field. Most who attend Berea Albion, which is a residential program, come from disadvantaged and difficult backgrounds that include poverty, single parent households, as well as marginalized language communities that lack educational resources.

BAFD prepares participating youth for success in the workforce and in particular in the world of sports through creating an environment in which each person's aptitudes, skills and abilities are assessed, developed and promoted.

The program offers a formative experience that helps build character, provides sound educational opportunities and leadership skills. This program hopes to build a legacy to football that celebrates the game in a way that has a real impact on the future of football in South Africa.

The man at the heart of the Berea-Albion Academy is Steve Haupt, a former player who started his career at the tender age of 15, playing at clubs both in South Africa and abroad. Coaching since 1984, Steve has been involved with top South African clubs such as Ajax Cape Town. Together with former Manchester United and England goalkeeper Gary Bailey, he was responsible for the birth of the youth development structures at the University of Pretoria. As well as coaching, Steve has also uncovered a host of talented players in South Africa, including former Tottenham Hotspur, Everton and South African captain Steven Pienaar.

Pods Project

The rising costs of food, the economic strains and the difficulties of space and agriculture in South Africa make it a real struggle for BAFD to achieve their aims. The Aeroponic Pods Project will play a huge role in helping BAFD on their way to meeting their goals by providing healthy and sustainable food for years to come. Once set up, the academy will be able produce vegetable and herbs through the pods for 365 days and continue the cycle over. This gives them a self sustaining food source which they can even grow to sell in local markets.

Academy Objectives

Objective 1:
Provide one academic year of education through the Cambridge system for 20 participants.

Objective 2:
Provide one year's football training for 20 participants through our unique BAFD approach.

Objective 3:
Feed and support the specific nutritional requirements of 20 youth for one year.

Objective 4:
Build secure and stimulating accommodation that supports the developmental needs of 40 participants.

Objective 5:
Purchase two vehicles and maintain them for one year for the transport of Academy members.

Objective 6:
Purchase suitable clothing for 20 selected youth in the program over one year.